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Grandma Gatewood Brainstorming

20 May

Friday night was Grandma Gatewood night at my studio. I invited some members of The Houston Women’s Hiking group. Everyone has been so encouraging on the group. They have been posting their stories about the AT and sharing their thoughts on Grandma Gatewood, her pose, clothes, etc.

Wanting to keep them in the loop, I opened my studio to talk about creating a life-size sculpture and brainstorm some poses. I had already put a call out for models for the statue. These people will dress like her and pose in the pose we decide, and I can take reference photographs all around the model. Reference photos will help me with the folds, sculpting, and proportions.

After several poses, I wondered, “What if we had her going up?” Could we put her on a slight berm where she is going up and have some bronze rocks at her feet, like she is on the trail? It was a productive evening, though we broke the stick three times. We are still working out the design. Now on to finding clothes for my model. And of course fundraising. We still need to raise the funds for this project. Please donate at the Go Fund Me page.

Meanwhile, Paul Maxwell went to trail days to talk about the sculptureā€”more on that in the following posts.