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“I am the Appalachian Trail”

16 Sep


“I am the Applachain Trail”
Video Contest
Grandma Gatewood entry!


We have entered the “I Am The Appalachian Trail” video contest on Facebook with a trailer for our upcoming PBS Documentary about Legendary Hiker Emma Gatewood. You can help us win by voting between September 16 and November 8, 2013. Just visit Facebook’s I Am The Appalachian Trail page and find the video with my name on it and Vote! Help us make a movie!


Bette Lou Higgins
Artistic Director
Eden Valley Enterprises

P.S.: Be sure to pass this along and ask your friends to vote and to like us on Facebook! grandma with garden hat

Katahdin’s Trail Magic

8 Oct

We just got back from a shoot in Millenocket Maine and Baxter State Park this past week. The weather was decent, the fall foliage was spectacular, and the people at the park could not have been nicer. We set out to connect with the through hikers coming in across the Hundred Mile Wilderness. We met about a dozen all enjoying Maine’s most beautiful quilt of color at the end of a six month journey. They looked a little worm down but jubilant none the less.

While we were there a hiker went missing while summiting Katahdin. It reminded us that Emma Gatewood also went missing when she first came to Baxter to start her trek. Back then many traills were across privately owned yet to forested lands. Often the trail would be marked and obvious one month and then the trees would get harvested and there would be no clear evidence of the trail anywhere. On her first attempts Emma was in one of these areas bounded by what is know as the “Golden Road” where timber is trucked out daily that crosses the AT near Rainbow Lake. Today the AMC, State of Maine, The Maine Appalachian Trail Club and the AT Conservancy work hard to make sure that the trail remains accessible and well marked regardless of the season or changes in private land usage. That was not always the case in the 50’s and 60’s before the National Scenic Trail Act of 1968.

Luckily for the the lady who went missing this year, trail markings were not the issue, she was heading up to the top of Katahdin too late in the day. It got dark and she got lost and ended up bushwhacking her way out. Thankfully she showed up a day late. Her adventure, like Emma’s points out how difficult a place this can be. Being there we got a greater appreciation for her ability to survive and succeed, especially in 1955. But when you see the park you realize that there is “trail magic” here. People you don’t know or may never meet again will go out of there way to help you.

CBC Magazine “In the green”

6 May

Nina Polien Light wrote a wonderful article in her most recent column “in the green” entitled ” ‘Grandma Gatewood’ documentary takes a hike down memory lane” in the April edition of CBC (Cleveland Business Connects) that gives a nice overview of the documentary and and storytelling project. More about the article can be found on the edenvalleyenterprises.org website