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Film on Appalachian Trail walking Grandma gets closer to completion- By Steve Fogarty, Chronicle Telegram

21 Oct


Thanks to Steve Fogarty of the Elyria Chronicle Telegram who wrote a nice follow up article about our TRAIL MAGIC documentary project. You can read it at: http://edenvalleyenterprises.org/progdesc/gatewood/prgrmcmmnts/fogartyect10172014.pdf


Appalachian History features Bette Lou Higgins review of “Grandma Gatewood’s Walk” by Ben Montgomery

7 Apr

Book Review: ‘Grandma Gatewood’s Walk’

Posted by  | April 7, 2014

Bette Lou Higgins

Please welcome guest book reviewer Bette Lou Higgins. Higgins, Artistic Director of Eden Valley Enterprises, is working to document Emma Gatewood’s life with a storytelling program, e-book, one-act play and PBS documentary. The project is being undertaken by Eden Valley, FilmAffects and WGTE/PBS. Bette Lou says that whenever she tells the story of Emma Gatewood her audiences are always inspired – even if it’s just to take a walk around the block!


When I was in 11th grade at Garfield Heights Senior High School in Garfield Heights, OH, I had an English teacher – Mr. Toneff. We did quite a bit of writing in his class and Mr. Toneff had a mantra: “V.S.D.!” Vivid Specific Detail… for writing to be good, it had to have V.S.D.

Mr. Toneff would love Ben Montgomery. His new book, Grandma Gatewood’s Walk, has A LOT of V.S.D.

To read the rest of Bette Lou’s review go to:


Trail Magic Live #2 Emma, the “grandmother” of the Ultralight Movement

10 Feb

Emma Gatewood was probably the inventor or at least one of the earliest adopters of “Ultralight” back backing. Her life skills and years of commonsense applications, we would say now “adaptive technology” made her hikes possible with a minimum of gear.

She thoughtfully preplanned the equipment, food and minimum support materials for each of her hikes. Here is a clip that talks about what she brought. 

Grandma Gatewood is on Twitter

31 Jan

To help promote our project we have set up @grandmagatewood for twitter friends.ImageEmma was a communicator, letter writer and journal keeper. I think tweeting would have been like writing a postcard in Emma’s day. If you have a twitter account I hope you will help us and follow @grandmagatewood and we’ll follow you back! 

“Trail Magic” short background video from Peter Huston

28 Jan

This short video will help’s explain our projects goals and why we are so amazed by Emma Gatewood’s story

Comfortable Shoes

26 Oct

On our trip up Mt Katahdin earlier this month we met “Last Out” on the trail at the end of the 100 mile wilderness. He was traveling with a group of scruffy trail worn friends that had endured a week of rain and a summer of extremes.

Comfortable Shoes

“Last Out” told us that his goal was to say that he had hiked the entire trail in one pair of boots. But on this day he was not wearing boots, but Crocs. I bet the people at the Croc company would love to know that their comfortable utilitarian shoes, ones that so may enjoy wearing around the house or on the town, had become “Last Outs” favorite trail shoe.

I can’t even imagine hiking on a nice day with loose fitting shoes. But amazingly these shoes held on through the muck, mud and deep water crossings so that on the last day of his hike he would be wearing the same boots he started with. I think Emma would relate, wearing her high top sneakers instead of boots was forward thinking in 1955. So here we are in 2012 and comfortable shoes trump “standard hiking gear” again for this through hiker.