Statue Project


The Grandma Gatewood Statue project is a fundraiser Developed by Paul Maxwell to raise enough funds to put a bronze sculpture of Grandma Gatewood at her gravesite in Ohio Valley Memory Gardens. Since the project’s inception, others on the team have the hope that they can cast a second sculpture and one would also reside on the Appalachian Trail. Paul has set up a Go Fund Me Page for this project. The amount listed on the Go Fund Me is the estimate for one bronze sculpture.


Paul Maxwell
Paul represents the Ohio Valley Memory Gardens in Gallipolis, Ohio—the cemetery where Grandma Gatewood is laid to rest. Paul began this fundraiser to have a statue of Grandma Gatewood put at her gravesite. Many people make the pilgrimage to pay respects.

Ann Van Curen

Ann is an actress who portrays Grandma Gatewood telling the story of Grandma Gatewood’s travels taking her cues from The New York Times Bestseller Grandma Gatewood’s Walk: The Inspiring Story of The Woman Who Saved the Appalachian Trail. 

Bette Lou Higgins
Betty Lou is the artistic director at Eden Valley Enterprises. She was the producer of the Emmy nominated documentary Trail Magic: The Grandma Gatewood Story 2017.

Bridgette Mongeon
Bridgette is a sculptor and writer, as well as a hike leader and admin of the ever growing group Houston Women’s Hiking, where she encourages women to find themselves, their health and peace in the woods. She is the artist chosen for this sculpture project and is known for her sculpture of such entertainers as B. B. King, Willie Nelson, and just completed a monumental sculpture of Booker T Washington. Though she is most known for her “curious adventure” in creating a scene from Alice in Wonderland.

Diana Maurer
Dianna Maurer and her husband Jay Crashell are on the Appalachian Trail, hiking in Grandma Gatewood’s footsteps.

Jessica (Dixie) Mills
Dixie is an avid hiker completing not only the Appalachian trail, but she has completed, the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide trail otherwise known as the “Triple Crown of Hiking.” She speaks about Grandma Gatewood, as an influencer and inspiration to hikers everywhere.

Matt Easter
Matt Easter is the Mayor of Rio Grande Ohio. He hikes and helps on the Gatewood Trail system.

Christina Sizemore 
Christina is the daughter of the sculptor and co-admin of Houston Women’s Hiking. She is also a hiker, passing on the love of hiking to her daughter and helping women go into the woods safely. She brings a background in marketing and public relations to the fundraising team.

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