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When Papa Died (Who was Papa? Clip 5)

2 Aug

Today we have the last video in the Who was Papa? clip series.

Is Mama Crazy? (Who was Papa? Clip 4)

1 Aug

In this clip we hear about some of the difficulties Emma Gatewood faced durring her marriage.

Parents Ruled (Who was Papa? Clip 3)

22 Jul

In the video below Lucy Gatewood Seeds tells who was in charge at home while growing up.

Courtship (Who was Papa? Clip 2)

7 Jul

Check out the clip below to learn about the beginning of Perry and Emma Gatewood’s relationship.

Perry the Farmer (Who was Papa? Clip 1)

1 Jul

Below we have the first clip in a series with Lucy Gatewood Seeds about father, Perry Gatewood, entitled Who was Papa?.