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Last Words (Who was Mama Clip 10)

18 Jun

Below is the last video in the Who was Mama? clip series. In this clip Emma Gatewood’s daughter, Lucy Gatewood Seeds, tells the story of her mother’s last words.

Digging Potatoes (Who was Mama? Clip 9)

17 Jun

In the video below Lucy Gatewood Seeds talks about her mother’s later years.


[vimeo w=480&h=270]

Emma’s Competitive Spirit (Who was Mama? Clip 8)

16 Jun

In this clip Emma Gatewood’s daughter, Lucy Gatewood Seeds, shares a little about her mother’s competitive spirit.


[vimeo w=480&h=270]

Men’s Authority over Women (Who was Mama? Clip 7)

16 Jun

In this clip Lucy Gatewood Seeds talks about Emma Gatewood’s view on the roles of men and women.

[vimeo w=480&h=270]

People Will Talk (Who was Mama Clip 6)

15 Jun

Here is a fun story about Emma Gatewood on the trail.

[vimeo w=480&h=270]

Whatever it Takes (Who was Mama Clip 5)

13 Jun

In today’s clip Lucy Gatewood Seeds talks about how her mother made ends meet.

[vimeo w=480&h=270]

Mama Loved to Sing (Who was Mama Clip 4)

12 Jun

In this clip Emma Gatewood’s daughter, Lucy Gatewood Seeds, discusses Emma’s love of singing.

[vimeo w=480&h=270]

Emma’s Poetry (Who was Mama? Clip 3)

9 Jun

A piece of Emma Gatewood’s poetry recited by her daughter, Lucy Gatewood Seeds.

[vimeo w=480&h=270]

Prolific Reader (Who was Mama? Clip 2)

8 Jun

Here’s the second clip in our Who was Mama? series. Watch the video below to hear Lucy Gatewood Seeds on her mother’s education.

Who Was Mama?

4 Jun

Here’s the first in the series of clips on Emma Gatewood entitled Who Was Mama?. In this series we talk with her daughter Lucy Gatewood Seeds.

Click play to learn a little about Emma Gatewood’s self-confidence and work ethic.