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Feisty Females- Emma Gatewood

16 Sep

Sharon Hall, a friend of our “Trail Magic” script writer Kelly Boyer Sagert let us know about this great blog site that features her story about Emma Gatewood.

Check out Sharon’s article about Emma Gatewood at Enjoy!


Trail Magic “Live” #1 Don’t Believe Everything You Read…

30 Jan

This is the first of four short segments that feature Anne McEvoy as Grandma Gatewood. This was recorded at a rehearsal for the play of the same name that was staged last summer at TrueNorth Cultural Arts Center. The play was written as a first person narrative that presents Emma Gatewood’s persona and wit. The play was written by Kelly Boyer Sagert and helps provide scripting for the “Trail Magic” documentary now in production.

Eden Valley Enterprises will be co-hosting with “Women Making Moves” several live “Ohio Women, Then and Now” for Women’s history month presentations as a fundraiser for the documentary.

For more information go to

We need your vote- “I am the Appalachian Trail”

23 Sep

Our 3 minute contest video was edited for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy “I am the Appalachian Trail” video contest. The ATC contest features many videos that share a personal view point about the hikers experience. We decided that we should enter Emma Gatewood, whose story has helped shape a generation of hikers trail experiences. We used some footage from our upcoming documentary “Trail Magic” to give Emma’s journal’s a voice. Please vote for our video (it is under Bette Lou Higgins name ) at For more information on our documentary and our current Ohio History match grant challenge please go to

On the trail with Grandma Gatewood

On the trail with Grandma Gatewood

the Eden Valley project page

“I am the Appalachian Trail”

16 Sep


“I am the Applachain Trail”
Video Contest
Grandma Gatewood entry!

We have entered the “I Am The Appalachian Trail” video contest on Facebook with a trailer for our upcoming PBS Documentary about Legendary Hiker Emma Gatewood. You can help us win by voting between September 16 and November 8, 2013. Just visit Facebook’s I Am The Appalachian Trail page and find the video with my name on it and Vote! Help us make a movie!


Bette Lou Higgins
Artistic Director
Eden Valley Enterprises

P.S.: Be sure to pass this along and ask your friends to vote and to like us on Facebook! grandma with garden hat

Help us on our Ohio Historical Society Challenge Grant

23 Jun

After this summers live performance of Trail Magic we will be shooting our documentary on Emma Gatewood. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation to help us meet this challenge grant, you can find complete information at

You can find the complete schedule for the play

Ohio History

Ohio History

“Trail Magic” True North weekend at:

“Trail Magic” short background video from Peter Huston

28 Jan

This short video will help’s explain our projects goals and why we are so amazed by Emma Gatewood’s story

Emma’s Self Confidence (Road to Independence Clip 6)

5 Sep

Today we have the last video in the Road to Independence series. This is also our last video in the collection of clips from the our interview with Lucy Gatewood Seeds.

No Community Outrage (Road to Independence Clip 5)

2 Sep

In today’s video Lucy Gatewood Seeds talks about the community’s knowledge of the issues between Emma and her husband.

When Mama Left (Road to Independence Clip 4)

1 Sep

Today we have the 4th video in our Road to Independence clip series with Lucy Gatewood Seeds.

The Final Straw (Road to Independence Clip 3)

31 Aug

Below we have the 3rd Road to Independence clip in which Lucy Gatewood Seeds tells the story of the final incident that lead to Emma’s divorce.