Up Maine Way – August 6th, 7pm

21 Jul

de0787558451414d8515b8cb8e5d13f2It’s been two years, two months, and 6 days since we premiered “Trail Magic, The Grandma Gatewood Story” in Sheffield Ohio at the True North Cultural Arts Center. Since then we have presented “Trail Magic” multiple times around the country, many close by to the Appalachian Trail. We have been (in no particular order) in Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Virginia(North Carolina), Tennessee, Pennsylvania, West Virginia (Maryland), New Jersey (Pennsylvania), Massachusetts (New York), Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Now we’ve finally made it to Maine. When we first started this journey Bruce Grant, president of the Maine Appalachian Trail Club and featured in our film, mentioned that MATC would be hosting the ATC conference the summer of 2017. That seemed so far off at the time, but now here we are finally headed to Maine to show “Trail Magic” Sunday August 6th at 7pm. at Colby College near Waterville, New Hampshire.

cropped-scan0002Without Bruce Grant’s help and Tony Barrett’s encouragement (as we labored through this project) we might never have made it to this peak! Being able to show “Trail Magic” in Maine is a very special opportunity for us. This is where much of Emma’s trail stories came from in the film and book.

So after miles and miles on the road, from church basements to 500 seat movie theaters we are excited to share “Trail Magic” with the AT conference attendee’s coming to Maine. We sure hope you join us for a special showing in the intimate setting of Colby College.

If you can’t join us in Maine the film is “Emmy Nominated” and being distributed by NETA (National Educational Television Association) for PBS so we are able to share Emma’s story nationwide (Call your local station to request). You can also get your own copy by ordering on-line at http://www.edenvalleyenterprises.org or click this link for the video to get a copy!

2 Responses to “Up Maine Way – August 6th, 7pm”

  1. Rick Shepherd..... Dayhikr July 21, 2017 at 3:23 pm #

    Thank you and congratulations!…..I will check in to the video!…..Still convalescing from low back surgery……While I wait I am following Kyle Rohrig, author of Lost on the Appalachian Trail on his current odyssey southbound on the Continental Divide Trail…..Also following Jen Beck Seymour and Greg Seymour currently northbound 2/3s of the way on the Appalachian Trail…..Also watching James Allen’s videos as he travels northbound on the AT……So, I am sure I will enjoy watching your video, but I would like to be there……I am 70 years old and my car license plates says Dayhikr for the past 20 years…..Best of luck on your showing!

    • hiddenarts July 21, 2017 at 4:03 pm #

      Thanks Rick! Hope you get back on the trail soon

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