Full Circle, return to New Hampshire 9/3

27 Jul

It has been just a little over a year since we had our premier showing of “Trail Magic, The Grandma Gatewood Story” at True North Cultural Arts Center in Sheffield Village, Ohio. Then as summer was begining to fade, we had the very first showing of our film Labor Day weekend for hikers in Pinkhamscan0002 Notch, NH at the Joe Dodge Lodge adjacent to the Appalachian Trail.

Thanks to the Appalachian Mountain Club, we had the distinct privilege to present “Trail Magic” and Emma Gatewood’s courageous story for the first time near the Appalachian Trail. That night we shared “Trail Magic” with 40+ determined hikers on the way to completing their own thru hike at Mount Katahdin, Maine.

In just a few weeks (Sept 3rd, 7:30pm) we return to New Hampshire, invited by the Appalachian Mountain Club and Bartlett Historical Society, to present Emma’s story again at AMC Highland Center Lodge at Crawford Notch. We hope you will join us.

Bette Lou and I want to thank all the wonderful hosts and amazing people we have met this past year as we shared Emma Gatewood’s story from Alabama to Vermont, Tennessee to Florida. The trail continues now that “Trail Magic” has been aired on WOUB Public Media (Athens Ohio). Distribution of “Trail Magic” is done through “NETA”, the National Educational Television Association. Every PBS station has the opportunity to share “Trail Magic” but we need your help to contact the local PBS station near you and request “Trail Magic”.  Join us as we continue to share Emma’s inspiring story!



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