Grandma Gatewood Inspires

2 Mar

We’re looking for a few good women! We know Grandma Gatewood was an inspiration to many. If you’re a woman who was inspired by Emma to do a thru-hike, section hike or flip/flop AT hike, we’re looking for you! We’re inspired to share your story. We’d like to put together a Women-Walkers Walk of Fame. Send us your picture on the trail, your hiking dates and a couple of sentences about how Grandma Gatewood inspired you or what your hike meant to you. We’ll be posting them here, on our website and using them in our presentations. Just send us a message with your picture and your name/dates/story. We’ll do the rest. Read their stories at…/womenhi…/walkoffamers.htm and be INSPIRED!

Our first Woman Hiker on our Walk of Fame is Jennifer Pharr Davis who wrote:

“Grandma Gatewood is grit personified. I love her determination, admire her resilience, and I will always enjoy following in her footsteps on the Appalachian trail.
– Appalachian Trail Three Time Thru-Hiker, Record Setter, and National Geographic Adventurer of the Year
Jennifer Pharr Davis”

Thanks, Jennifer, we love having you be the first one on our list — but since you’ve got the record for fastest hiker, it only makes sense that you’d get on our list FAST!



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