“Trail Magic” documentary Premiers May 29th

28 Feb

Grandma Gatewood documentary premiers May 29

Posted by Dave Tabler | February 27, 2015

bettePlease welcome guest author Bette Lou Higgins. Higgins is a founder and current Artistic Director of Eden Valley Enterprises, where she helps spread the “Ohio Gospel” through an assortment of living history programs. These programs, designed to make the history of Ohio meaningful and alive for adults and children of all ages, have been created for such Ohio organizations as the Steamship William G. Mather Museum, Western Reserve Historical Society, The Tuscarawas Historical Society and the Great Lakes Historical Society.

When I first wrote about Eden Valley’s Grandma Gatewood project for Appalachian History in 2013, we were at the half-way point of our trail to tell her life story. Essentially it was the equivalent of hiking from Georgia to the AT museum in Gardner’s, PA. Unlike hikers who reach that point, we didn’t know we were half-way there!

Anne McEvoy as Emma (filming session July, 2014)

To read Bette Lou’s full progress report for the Appalachian History blog posted  2/27/15 — check it out at http://www.appalachianhistory.net/

One Response to ““Trail Magic” documentary Premiers May 29th”

  1. Pat Thomas March 2, 2015 at 2:04 am #

    Hooray, Hallelu, Whew, Great Going, Congrats, Way to go, etc.& etc to the author, Bette Lou Higgins, for her stamina, determination, stick-to-itivenss, creativity to bring this project to fruition! Pat Thomas

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