We need your vote- “I am the Appalachian Trail”

23 Sep

Our 3 minute contest video was edited for the Appalachian Trail Conservancy “I am the Appalachian Trail” video contest. The ATC contest features many videos that share a personal view point about the hikers experience. We decided that we should enter Emma Gatewood, whose story has helped shape a generation of hikers trail experiences. We used some footage from our upcoming documentary “Trail Magic” to give Emma’s journal’s a voice. Please vote for our video (it is under Bette Lou Higgins name ) at https://apps.facebook.com/easypromos-premium/voteme/16348/615913374. For more information on our documentary and our current Ohio History match grant challenge please go to

On the trail with Grandma Gatewood

On the trail with Grandma Gatewood

the Eden Valley project page http://www.edenvalleyenterprises.org/progdesc/gatewood/gtwdinf.htm


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