My Mom, the Hiker- by Nelson Gatewood

1 Apr

Here is a poem written by a young Nelson Gatewood in 1969 about his spritely mom, Emma

The Appalachian Trail is mighty long

From one end to the other.

The very thought of hiking it-

To this I say, “O Brother”!”



But Grandma Gatewood started out

and crossed each hill and glen.

She made some friends along the way

and hiked it end to end.



It’s up and down and round about,

First one way then the other.

We asked her how she hiked so far,

She said, “Just one foot after another.”



Now some say, “At 82, stay home

where you belong,”

But not “my mom”, for as you see,

She’s out and Going Strong.



(c) Nelson Gatewood, Dayton, Ohio; October 14, 1969

Reprinted with permission from Nelson Gatewood, March 2013


One Response to “My Mom, the Hiker- by Nelson Gatewood”

  1. Pat Thomas April 1, 2013 at 9:29 pm #

    How very neat! Glad it’s included….helps make her even more real!

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